Friday, November 29, 2013

NEW YORK — “YouTube’s Lesbian Princess” Arielle Scarcella has released a new video from her “Lesbians Explain” series that explores why straight girls just can’t seem to get enough of girl-on-girl action (on tape). “Maybe you should know that straight women accounted for over 50 percent of subscriptions to lesbian porn sites,” one of the women featured in the video reads from a prop book titled “Straight Lady Facts and Percentages, 2012-2015.” The same girl proposes an explanation: "Straight guys can just never understand a woman the way another woman can. We’re just more in tune with each other.” Another woman quickly refutes, “That is not true.” Instead, the girls seem to collectively project, straight women just want more head — an act that often takes front and center (no pun intended) in lesbian porn, but is often swept under the rug by vagina-intimidated straight men.More>>

Friday, November 15, 2013

WASHINGTON — A petition on asking the Obama administration to create an "opt-in" feature for online sexually explicit content is gaining a slight amount of traction. So far, the petition has about 20,000 online signatures. But the net effect of petitioning online to the U.S. government is rather limp because the online petition has no assurances that there will be any meaningful response. If the petition gets enough support — 100,000 by Nov. 23 — White House officials may pass it on to appropriate policy experts and later issue an official response. Like a proposal initiated this year in the U.K. by Prime Minister David Cameron, the U.S. petition aims to make Internet users to choose to unblock porn through their ISPs filters. The petition was created by M.G. of Greenbrae, Calif., on Oct. 24. "We are asking for greater protection and responsibility from ISPs and our country," the petition says." We are asking that people who are interested in porn should have to seek it and choose it. They should have to opt in for it by making arrangements to receive it with their ISP. Everyone else should be free from it and assumed opt out."More>>
VAN NUYS, Calif. — Pure Play Media’s Naughty America has released “My Friend’s Hot Mom 39,” featuring five moms and MILFs who prey on their son’s friends. Mature stars Deauxma, Emma Starr, Brittany O’Neil, Kristal Summers and Kendra Lust serve up top-notch MILF fantasies for fans. The film presents five story-rich scenes: Starr plays a mom who has just finalized her divorce. While her son’s at work, his best friend takes the opportunity to come give her emotional — and highly physical — support. Deauxma is alone on Mother’s Day this year, with her son in college and her husband now out of the picture. When her son’s friend brings her flowers, she shows her appreciation by giving him oral sex. Summers has some repairs to be done around the house and enlists the help of her son’s friend, who is handy and extremely handsome. She eventually tells him to forget the repairs and concentrate on her instead. Lust has been letting her son’s friend stay with them until the boys can afford their own place. When they finally move out, she asks for repayment in the form of intercourse.More>>
LAS VEGAS — CB-X Sales Director Jason Yates was a guest on Huff Post Live’s 20-minute segment “Inside the World of Male Chastity.” The episode, dubbed “Male Chastity 101,” covered male chastity usage from different angles, with CB-X providing commentary about the company’s history, product variety and how to wear a male chastity device. Hosted by Ricky Camilleri, the panel of experts featured Yates, alongside “chastity trainer” Bella Sultana and writer Brian Maylan. In addition to providing basic information about male chastity devices, the session focused on their use as a method to saving couples’ relationships. For his part, Yates provided advice for wearing chastity devices, clarifying common misconceptions about the experience and hygiene. “It generally takes about three times to get it right and finding custom fit rings spacers, and putting it on is easier if you’re relaxed,” Yates said.More>>
CANOGA PARK, Calif. — The Free Speech Coalition says that, according to information provided from film permitting agency FilmLA, only 24 permits for adult film productions in Los Angeles County have been filed in 2013. That number is down significantly — 95 percent — from 480 permits filed by this time last year and prior to last November’s passage of Measure B, the county’s condom mandate for adult film productions. The FSC says that this means that, with an average cost of $1,000 in fees for each permit, L.A. County has lost approximately $456,000 in revenue.More>>

Monday, November 11, 2013

 NETbilling announced today that its Hosted Payment Form has been updated to allow expanded support for custom HTML fields. The company said that as PCI (payment card industry) compliance standards for merchants progressively become more stringent, merchants are requesting more flexible payment form solutions using their PCI compliant secure servers to store and serve the forms to your customers. NETbilling's new Mobile Form Template is specifically designed for mobile based browsers including iOS 7, Safari, Android and other mobile browsers is now included in its Hosted Payment Form and can be fully customized as well. Some of the benefits of the benefits include: extended support for HTML input — HTML, Javascript, jQuery, and CSS; custom images that avoid browser security warnings; general fields that can be replaced with their corresponding values or html snippets; HTML with special attributes that can be dynamically populated on the payment form; and conditional expressions that can be used to display HTML only if the indicated condition is met. More>>

Thursday, November 7, 2013

“XBIZ HQ” is a slick, multi-platform video series that will explore the offices and production facilities of purveyors of pleasure products and adult entertainment. In the series premiere, “XBIZ HQ” visits Pipedream Products, one of the largest manufacturers of adult gifts, gags, lotions, vibes, and novelties in the world, for an intimate look at “where the magic happens.” In this episode, Pipedream Products CEO Nick Orlandino offers “XBIZ HQ” a peek at his office before embarking on a thorough tour of the showroom and various departments of company’s headquarters. Rob Phaneuf, Pipedream VP of product development, leads the tour of the showroom, which showcases products “from pink to kink, and everything in between.” Pipedream’s lingerie designer Liz Jones discusses the XBIZ Award-winning Fetish Fantasy Lingerie collection, while Brand Ambassador Cheryl Flangel shows off the latest Shock Therapy products added to the Fetish Fantasy range.More>>
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